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Welcome to the Magneshocks website.

Our engineers will test and develop a custom solution to fit your needs
Applications include oval track, road racing, dirt track,  and drag racing vehicles
Our shock damping systems replace stock units with no chassis modifications

NEWSimplifiedSDS3rd-Gen MagneShock system for OVAL & Road-Race

The new SDS (Selective Damping System) provides

1-click selection from 50 pre-programmed Rebound curves and 50 Compression curves (2,500 possibilities),

including several that are UNIQUE to MagneShocks and IMPOSSIBLE for conventional shocks.

CLICK here to see SDS specifications

The Original 3rd-Gen system has been upgraded and is now available as the “RDS” (Research Damping System)

We have added the 100 pre-programmed selections of the “SDS” and it still retains ALL its abilities

 to make custom Force-Velocity curves where you define the desired damping at 5 different piston-velocities.


Eddie Hill, The  Four-Father uses MagneShocks.

 Eddie Hill, the 1st person in the WORLD to get into the “fours”

(ET less than 5 seconds) in his NHRA Top-Fuel DRAGSTER (and NHRA National Champion)

has been doing something NEW!  He is having some fun in Road-Racing.

    His new car doesn’t have quite the HP of his old one BUT, it sure corners better!


MagneShock™ designs, tests, and manufactures active damping
suspension systems using Magneto-Rheological (MR) technology.

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