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About Us
Our Company:
MagneShock Div. of Arre Ind. Inc is a spin-off from Carrera Shocks, the leader in auto Racing Shocks for nearly 40 years. We have lived & breathed QUALITY over all these years - where failure “was NOT an option” - and, FAST RESPONSE to market demands is imperative.
We measure our response times in hours or days, not months or years.

Frank Buchholz (Pres)
Our people have enormous experience in Lean Six Sigma, One-piece Flow, Just-In-Time & Highest Quality Manufacturing with CNC machinery.
Our engineers are extremely well qualified and don’t live in Ivory Towers. You WILL be able to communicate with them.
MagneShock is dedicated to being your One-Stop Source: From Concept to Prototypes to Manufacturing.
Dick Anderson (CEO)
We offer complete turnkey systems, integrated into YOUR vehicle, to YOUR specs.
Our main feature is Plug & Play operation.
Our sensors are integrated INTO the shocks. You won’t have figure how & where to mount them & then string dozens of cables.
MagneShocks are bolt-on.
They will FIT on your EXISTING vehicle in the EXISTING mounts. You won’t have to re-design your vehicle around MagneShocks - we’ll design them to fit YOUR vehicle.

              Shawn Goldsmith
(Machinist) and
              Michael Craft
(Mechatronics Engineer)
We design, simulate & test all our components: mechanical, electrical & magnetic. Normally, we simulate your vehicle and do preliminary development of the MagneShock System on a computer.
MagneShock’s AMRDS systems are completely tested on our hydraulic test stand, which can simulate road & off-road conditions, produce up to 50,000 lb of force & reach velocities up to 150 in/sec.
Jim Larsen
(Sr. Research Scientist)
Then we do final “fine-tuning” of the system on the vehicle. We still need people - human sensors are still “The Ultimate Determinates.”
We can do “on chassis” simulations, stress & life testing of the shocks and related mechanical components - even environmental (from -60 deg. F to +500 F) & vibration table testing.

Brandon Choplin
(Mechanical Engineer)
Our DAQ system is proprietary, developed to accurately measure all motions of the chassis & suspension system as well as other factors such as temperatures, lateral & fore-aft accelerations (it records 64 channels at 1 KHz).
Nobu Negishi
(Mechanical Engineer)
Data is analyzed for many things, including absorbed power, accelerations, velocities, & suspension travel.

                                Michael Craft
                                    (Mechatronics Engineer)
Test Equipment
• Gilmore hydraulic test stand:
- Power source: 150 HP motor generating 5000 psi of hydraulic pressure.
- Up to 50,000 lb. Force capacity and 150 inch/second velocities.
- Up to 36” stroke with 20,000 lb. Force configuration for high frequency & high speed capability (for future long-travel suspensions).
- Analog controller allows input of any “Road Profile” for simulating vehicle suspension performance and product life testing.

Our Mazak 630 Multiplex CNC Turning Center will run automatically 24-7.

FEA analysis of component parts...

Magnetic circuit analysis
MagneShock™ designs, tests, and manufactures active damping
suspension systems using Magneto-Rheological (MR) technology.
Contact us today to improve your product.
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