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Photos from Maiden-Run of DRAG MagneShocks on “Reddy Racing” 4.70 Index Camaro
Blake Wilder (drive), Steve Nichols (owner), Mark Welch (crew member), Dick Anderson (MagneShocks)
Wilder-Nichols “Reddy Racing” 1997 Camaro (4.70 index) with 632 Nitrous Motor
MagneShocks on rear suspension of Wilder “Reddy Racing” #1997
Selector Switch (Burnout, Race-1 & Race-2) mounted on tunnel (and relay used of “LAUNCH” signal) - CLOSE UP
Selector Switch - showing most of cockpit
A beautiful day at the races. (Brainerd Optimist Dragway), Left: Reddy Racing ’97 Camaro, Right: Ted Thomas’ 1968 Camaro (6.00 Index)
Rear suspension & Wheelie-bars on Reddy Racing Camaro with MagneShocks
Magneshocks Logic control box in Reddy Racing Camaro
MagneShock™ designs, tests, and manufactures active damping
suspension systems using Magneto-Rheological (MR) technology.
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