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Drag Racing
Eddie Hill uses MagneShocks (PDF file)
Why Use Magneshocks For Drag Racing?
MagneShocks will make your car faster!
Our System will not only give you TOTAL CONTROL over the “Launch” It will ALSO:
Make your burnouts easier & SAFER (less throttle & less “darting”), Make your car run straighter, Improve STABILITY (everywhere),  REDUCE or ELIMINATE wheel-spin on the top end, which will increase MPH and Increase STABILITY & PREDICTABILITY during Shut-down.
Drag Shocks have always been a Big COMPROMISE!
What you SET, is what you GET! (for Burnout, Launch, Mid-track, Down-track & Shutoff )
What are the CHANCES that ONE Setting is “Perfect” for ALL conditions? - ZERO !! - NONE !!
Now, you can have completely different shock settings for:
1. Burnouts, 2. Launch, 3. Mid-track, 4. Down-track, 5. Shutdown
In addition, you can have another group of settings, preset & instantly available “at a flip of the switch”, (for: Launch, Mid-track & Down-track) for a different lane, other variable track conditions or simply “testing”.

Don’t be WORRIED!
1. You won’t lose your BASELINE.
We will PRESET the Controller to YOUR baseline - the SAME as your present shock settings.
2. We will DE-MYSTIFY the “Electronic Box”.
We will SHOW YOU how to adjust it to:
A. Improve your PRESENT setup.
B. COMPENSATE for varying track conditions.
When you purchase a MagneShock System, if you like, we will preset the Controller for you.
You can do any of the following - FREE OF CHARGE:
A. Tell us what shocks you are presently running and the settings you use.
If we already have dyno’d that shock and know what the damping force is,
we will set your new Controller to “LAUNCH” at the SAME damping.
B. If you already have dyno sheets on your shocks & present settings - Send us the specs.
We will set the Controller to “LAUNCH” at the SAME damping.
C. You can send us your shocks, set at your baseline.
We will dyno test them (FREE OF CHARGE) and set your Controller to “LAUNCH” at the SAME damping.
We will also set ALL the other settings, which we believe will help your times, stability, consistency & SAFETY.
When in doubt - GIVE US A CALL.
Track support is always available. Just give us a call to talk to one of our Technicians.
We will be happy to discuss YOUR car & YOUR problems - FREE OF CHARGE.
We will help you develop all the settings for MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE - from start to WIN!
Dealer Inquiries Invited
Drag Racing Magneshocks Files and Reports (to view online or to save to your computer)
Magneshocks System Overview (PDF file)
TEST REPORT: Maiden Voyage - Drag Test - 4.70 Index Camaro (PDF file)
Drag Racing Ride Height Setup (PDF file)
Drag Racing Ride Height Setup (Interactive Excel File)
NEW Drag racing SPECS sheet (PDF file)
Why Use Magneshocks for Drag Racing (PDF file)
Don't be WORRIED when you switch to MagneShocks (PDF file)
DRAG-ProMod / ProStock Typical "Valvings" Used During A Run (PDF file)
Pro-Mod Typical Setups  (PDF file)
Drag-Racing Damping Charts & Settings - Std "50-50" & Split valvings - regular "-20" suffix (damping range)
Price List For Drag Racing MagneShocks  (PDF file)
If you cannot view these .PDF files,  you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from http://www.adobe.com
MagneShock™ designs, tests, and manufactures active damping
suspension systems using Magneto-Rheological (MR) technology.
Contact us today to improve your product.
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